Ancestral Plane: Buried in Plain Sight

Poetry by Tiffany Octavia Harris

Ancestral Plane: Buried in Plain Sight
Photo by Ilyuza Mingazova / Unsplash

by Tiffany Octavia Harris

met my ancestors today
they talked to me
with every wave and woosh
know and remember
water, especially this here
Atlantic Ocean, is crossing
opens up a new horizon
constructs of time and space
meaningless, nonexistent, and lost
an array of dimensions to choose from
space where anything is possible
cloud nine
substance rich, yet so plain
plane we forgot existed
rooted deep in our dreams
and so close to what you literally see
guess that makes sense
in order to find
be reminded
sacred land upon us
traditions maintained
so many stories unnamed
focus on the us and we
embodiment of collectivity